1. Billy enjoys site-seeing.
    Bill scaring the shit out of the mallard
    Tracking with Josh's rad gear!
    David is helping us out :) <3
    go bill!!!!!! woohoo!!!


    Sorry it’s been so long since we’ve updated with Tumblr, but we got awesome news ahead of us. Playing MaCRoCk last weekend was one of the best experiences in our lives, it was so great to meet so many new friends along this journey! We’d love to thank Morgan for helping us set up a show in Ohio and staying at his place, and the rest of the awesome Ohio crew, Rich for letting us crash at his place in Virginia and letting us play at his friends house show (which was awesome), and Patrick for having us play at MaCRoCk. You guys are fucking rad!

    Today will be our 2nd day of recording our split with our boys Victor Shores, titled “The Dan Martin Split.” We are so excited to be showing you all new tunes finally, hope you’re excited as we are!!!



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