1. Anonymous said: IS IT SEPTEMBER 9 YET?!

    SOOO CLOSE YET SOOO FAR UGH!!!!!! :) ;) :D #10days



  3. Tiny Moving Parts


  4. TINY MOVING PARTS BOBBLEHEADS!!!!! We will be giving away bobbleheads in three random pre-order packages!!!  

    Pre-order ‘Pleasant Living’ here:

    13 Days :)


  5. grxintwerk said: will have you have any "couch" lps at the lansing show with dads?



  6. droppedoutoflife said: Hey just wondering. Are you guys gonna have any "This Couch Is Long..." LPs at your show in Indianapolis on the 8th?? if so how much? Thanks!

    Yeah we will for sure!!!! $10 it’ll be :-) . See ya there!


  7. POZ Discussion: Most Anticipated September Releases


    September is nearly here, and we’re continuing 2014 with a jam-packed month of releases that PropertyOfZack team members couldn’t be more stoked to hear. In today’s new Discussion, we’re highlighting our personal Most Anticipated September Releases. Check out our list below and feel free to reblog with what you’re looking forward to as well!

    Tiny Moving Parts - Pleasant Living (09/09)
    It’s been very fun watching Tiny Moving Parts grow over the past year and a half. I use fun because that’s the adjective that pops into my head when I think about the band. Yes, their lyrics are often sad and their guitars are more than often twinkly, but in spirit, I know three fun dudes are coming up with great songs.

    Tours with Modern Baseball and The Front Bottoms, and soon Dads, sort of shape the band in a perfect mold between heavy hitting songs, but the kind that you want to make you happy, not sad.

    I think I just created a new kind of emo. - Zack Zarrillo

    The American Scene - Haze (09/09)
    It’s been two years since The American Scene released the band’s sophomore album and I, for one, have been eagerly awaiting a follow up to the slow burning Safe For Now. And with fall around the corner, the time is right for a new release from the indie rockers: the band’s hazy tones and piercing vocals are the perfect pairing for those chilly nights. Haze is due out on September 9, and a number of tracks have already been released, including “Nails of Love,” “Royal Blue,” and “4th and Broadway.” Whereas the last album was beautifully deliberate and unhurried, these new tracks feature sweeping hooks and an invigorating haste. This is a band that I have long believed deserved far more attention than they’ve gotten, and I think they’re finally poised to make that happen. - Becky Kovach

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  8. re-donee:

    You’re everything I know, I always knew you’d be. You make me feel at home.


  9. Tiny Moving Parts Stream “Whiskey Waters” From ‘Pleasant Living’


    Tiny Moving Parts are releasing Pleasant Living in September via Triple Crown. Stream “Whiskey Waters” here via BV or below after the jump.

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  10. Head over to BrooklynVegan to check out “Whiskey Waters” off of our upcoming album, Pleasant Living! And have a good day, too! 

    You can pre-order Pleasant Living here:http://hellomerch.com/collections/tiny-moving-parts